Bridge builder. Centerer. Impulse giver.

Being successful, making full use of the given possibilities, living well and contentedly – isn’t that what we all dream of?

Being successful and being happy have definitely something to do with “being fortunate”.

In addition to that, we can do a lot for our success and happiness: self-knowledge, conscious shaping of harmonious communication and productive cooperation, concentration on strengths and positive emotions, and self-leadership represent some key cornerstones of success on a large and small scale – for the individual, the team and the organization as well as for active social participation.

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My team and I are in the middle of a transition process that is challenging in many ways. Marlen Nebelung is accompanying me in this process as a strategic initiator, facilitator of events during the change, and also as a coach for my staff. She is supporting my team and me on our way to our goal, with her agile mindset and an extremely varied method set, in a very focused yet emphatic manner. Particularly when faced with the inevitable emotional tribulations arising in the course of the transition process, she can be relied on to always find the right connecting factors, and she is very helpful for the further development of the entire team. What I find especially inspiring is Marlen Nebelung’s coaching with art that she is using to strengthen our central change team.

Thorsten Gänsch Head of Ideas Management, Deutsche Bahn AG

Consulting. Coaching. Working with art. Talks.

Framework conditions and requirements are changing; your division is expected to go along with it? The new IT system entails new workflows. The whole thing is to become more “agile”!? Some people say: “Something has to change ‘culturally’”?

The change impulse is often triggered by the environment or by other organizational units. My approach, which is based on the system-internal and emotional reality, is to create a broad understanding of the situation and to foster the sense of self-efficacy, in order to shape the future jointly and constructively.

Successful coaching helps people rediscover themselves and pursue new paths that may initially seem blocked.

Coaching conversations thrive on asking questions and detecting what is already there – e.g. strengths or obstructive convictions, and also decisions that may have been made preconsciously. It is a matter of examining the present, one’s own values and desires, and of planning and tackling one’s career path realistically.

The “world of images” opens up unique resonant spaces for topics of importance.

The contemplation of works of art acts as an amplifier for emotions, our creativity and our imagination, and helps us conceive ideas and find new solutions.

Exploring art opens up a treasure trove of interpretations of things past and present, and of inspiring stimuli for the future.

How can your way of dealing with complexity or innovativeness and empowerment get an energy boost? How could your organization and your management be moved by art?

Short, entertaining talks studded with art can provide answers to these questions and mobilize energy!

Building bridges is also an important concern for me in my probono engagement as a co-founder of the PodCast of

In the PodCast we talk to people who are trying to make our world a better one. Our guests are committed to equality, fairness, freedom, solidarity, education or art as well as successful leadership and cooperation. They are often pioneers in their professional fields.
We are talking about the - not always - conscious choice and meaning of life models.

We make audible what our conversation partners have learned from difficulties and how they give constructive impulses on the systems they life and work in - from within the systems.


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